How To Create Videos For Facebook Ads- A step-By-Step Guide

Facebook is the biggest fish in the sea of social media marketing. In recent years, Facebook has emerged as a formidable competitor to Google’s creation. Take a look at the eye-widening statistics: Facebook has a whopping 1.92 billion monthly active users, with approximately half of all active Facebook users visiting the site multiple times per day.

And, while the site’s burgeoning demographics have skewed older in recent times, it’s undeniable that Facebook continues to remain one of the most popular social platforms for staying in touch with friends and associates, chatting with family, promoting products, and, of course, watching tons of video content. (To be precise, Facebook receives over 4 -5 billion video views per day.)

This pretty much sums up the significance of Facebook and its video ads.

They are not only entertaining but also inexpensive. Facebook video ads are the most excellent way to ensure that people remember your brand and return to your website. Video isn’t just a Facebook phenomenon; it’s a strategy for engaging and converting website visitors, as well as pushing leads down the funnel.

Whether you’re using native clips or video ads, Facebook should be at the top of your video marketing strategy plan. If you haven’t yet realized the realities of the situation, it’s time to wake up and take advantage of Facebook’s massive reach to enhance your video ad campaigns.

But do you often wonder how marketing professionals and small businesses use this potent medium to their advantage?

Or If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! In this blog post, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to creating Facebook videos like a champ.

Tips for Creating Results-Driven Engaging Facebook Videos

Do not open the Facebook Ad Maker tool without having a “storyline” prepared

In the learning stage of Facebook advertising, I used to directly sit in front of the invideo.io tool to create videos for Facebook Ads. But then I got to know the concept of storyline. Now I always prepared a storyline or script for my ad video in advance. This helps me in making my workflow smooth and avoiding any possible blocking point in the production of ad video.

Go big within 3 secs

According to murmurings, human beings now have an attention span of only 8.25 seconds. A goldfish, on the other hand, can focus for 9 seconds.

Yes! We are faster than the goldfish!

This is scientifically accurate; it is strongly linked to our content consumption. Consumers scroll through their social feeds at breakneck speed and without pause.

This means you must find a way to capture and hold your viewer’s attention instantaneously. So this makes it essential to create video ads that go big within a few seconds of the video ad.

You can make a captivating video by asking provocative questions, making grandiose statements, or using eye-catching colors and visuals. You keep the audience’s attention by telling a compelling narrative. Don’t just show off your product or service; instead, captivate your audience.

Edit it right to make it look professional

Using various tactics for creating a more distinctive look and increasing interaction can be used throughout the editing phase. Try tweaking and retouching by using Facebook video ads making tools such as Invideo.io and ensure your ad is perfectly set in.

A lower third (a visual overlaying inserted in the lower portion of the screen) in the intro is used to create a branded look. You can achieve this with an animated clip or by adding your logo and some content to the screen during the introduction.

Consider altering the screen regularly to retain visitors’ attention and enhance engagement. This can be accomplished by zooming in or out, employing different recording angles, or transitioning to a screen with text and graphics.

Organize, strategize, and pull the trigger

A great-looking video doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment. The most crucial aspect of your video is to be genuine and relatable. You can begin recording with your smartphone, and all that is required for a great video is good sound quality and decent lighting.

However, professional lighting equipment is not required. To light the area, merely use lighting fixtures from your living room or home office. Alternatively, shoot your video in a room with plenty of natural light streaming in through the window frames. Then simply create the ideal script with the right objective. Focus on capturing attention, piquing interest, evoking desire, and concluding with a powerful call to action.

When you’re finished fine-tuning your storyline and script, simply go for it. Remember that cringing at your initial video content is normal. The more you practice them, the more natural the process becomes. It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Keep it short with a clear message and CTA

First and foremost, you should establish a clear purpose for your video ad. Whether you want to generate leads by suggesting a follow, drive sales by leading to your website, or simply raise brand recognition with a business narrative, understand what you want your video ad to do before you begin. A smart Facebook ad should have a message that immediately introduces your business or brand, informs your viewers about the value you deliver, and enthusiastically summarizes things.

Design with sound off

One of the most irritating annoyances of the internet is noisy, auto-playing audio. It’s no surprise that, as per Facebook, 85 percent of its users choose sound-off. According to studies, millennials and Gen Z viewers prefer films with subtitles, and this tendency is gradually spreading to other viewers.

As a result, while creating video ads, turn off the sound. It doesn’t mean they can’t have sound, but the message should be clear even without it. This is accomplished through Video Ad Making Tools (Example: Invideo) – displaying subtitles, captions, logos, and title cards. People have grown accustomed to scrolling through their feeds and viewing Facebook videos while on the go. Allow them to get the concept of your video even if they are unable to hear it.

Compelling Thumbnail

Video ads in Facebook’s feed must attract potential viewers and persuade them to click and watch them.

How do you encourage them?

With enticing writing and an attractive thumbnail. The quicker, the nicer.

Think Like a Smartphone User

Yes, this is among the most apparent Facebook video ad recommendations.

According to studies, smartphones and tablets account for more than half of all digital video consumption. That is why it makes perfect sense to design video commercials with smartphones in consideration.

Check your Video Ad Specifications

It should come as no surprise that one of the most crucial elements of an effective Facebook video ad is its appearance.

You won’t have the visual appeal you want with your campaign if you don’t use the correct Facebook video format.

Facebook has stringent recommendations for video ad formatting, video ratio between 9:16 and 16:9; 1080p resolution, or the highest resolution video available that fits within file size and ratio limits and an ideal video length from 1 second to 240 minutes, make sure to follow these for perfect ads.

A/B test for optimization

We can’t emphasize this enough: while creating video advertising, make sure to thoroughly A/B test it. This is also true for Facebook ads. Finally, there is no blueprint for innovation, and every audience behaves differently. Do your homework and put your creatives to the test to ensure your video ad performs well.

With all this information, you are ready to change the landscape of Facebook marketing.

Now that you know the basics of Facebook video ads and the benchmarks for designing fantastic ads for your brand, it’s time to get geared up.

Always explore, experiment with your video advertising, optimize them to be viewed without sound, keep them concise, establish an impact within the first milliseconds, and easily boost your business on Facebook.

We hope that your Facebook video advertising yields a lot of positive outcomes for you.

Good luck!

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