How to Connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress

Do you want to increase the capability of WPForms? Do you want to use WPForms to increase your email list quickly? Then guess what, WPForms have introduced the Sendinblue addon in the market that can help users to integrate both WPForms and Sendinblue tools easily. Now no more manual transferring of WPForms entry to the email list. You will be glad after connecting WPForms and Sendinblue together. In this article, we will show you the exact step-by-step process to connect WPForms and Sendinblue. At the end of this article, you can subscribe, unsubscribe or even delete users from your Sendinblue email list automatically.

Note: This article is applicable for both WPForms and Sendinblue users.

What is WPForms?

WPForms is a tremendous one of the most popular form builder plugins in WordPress. Over 4,000,000 website owners have been using this plugin to configure forms on their websites. Newsletter forms, Payment forms, Contact forms, Donation Forms, and any custom forms can be created with this plugin in minutes without being involved in coding. Further, the WPForms has the power to integrate with popular email marketing platforms like Sendinblue which can save a lot of work and you can easily turn your form submission users into subscribers.

Some of the highlighted features of the WPForms plugin are:

  • Readymade form templates are available for creating engaging forms
  • Multipage forms support are available
  • Conditional logic can be applied to create dynamic forms
  • Custom captchas, hCaptcha, reCaptcha integration is available to secure the forms
  • Integrations for popular services are available. Example Paypal, Sendinblue, Stripe, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.
  • Geolocation feature, Custom signatures can be added to the forms.
  • Offline forms, Conversational forms, Form landing pages can be created.

What is Sendinblue?

Sendinblue is a cloud-based software company that has been providing email marketing services since 2007. With this, the website publishers can easily grow their online marketing business as well as email list by creating professional email campaigns which attract users and encourage them towards your products and services. 

Some of the highlighted features of Sendinblue are:

  • Sendinblue can be integrated into the numerous WordPress plugins including WPForms to sync contacts easily.
  • Sendinblue offers a user-friendly email designer to design email which can even run on mobile.
  • Prebuilt email templates are available for a quick start
  • Landing pages and custom signup forms can be created that you can integrate with your website.
  • No limits on the number of contacts to be added to the email list
  • Different types of APIs are available to integrate Sendinblue including Email API, SMS API, Webhooks, SMTP relay, etc.
  • Advance reports including real-time reports, device and location reports, heat map reports, etc are available.
  • GDPR compatible
  • Advance contact management can be possible

What is WPForms Sendinblue Addon?

The Sendinblue Addon provided by the WPForms is used to sync or transfer forms users to Sendinblue lists which later can be used for email marketing purposes. This addon can be hook easily in any WPForms and gives you the option to subscribe, unsubscribe, or delete users in the Sendinblue email list. Whenever someone completes your WPForms available on your site will be transfer or added to your Sendinblue list.

The main benefit a user gets by integrating WPForms and Sendinblue is the automation or in other words, the user can eliminate the extra manual work of transferring all form entries to the email marketing list. 

This could boost up your email marketing list and with Sendinblue you can design attractive email campaigns which will convert your subscribers into paying customers.

Remember that, Sendinblue integration can be linked on any WPForm including Newsletter Sign up form, Contact form, Request a quote form, etc. Even you can make a unsubscribe form and link Sendinblue on it So that people who want to unsubscribe can use this form to opt-out easily.

The user doesn’t have to pay extra for this Addon. It is included in the WPForms plugin itself.

How to Connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress

How to Connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress

In this section, you will be going to learn the process to connect WPForms and Sendinblue together with the help of the WPForms Sendinblue addon.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Purchase and Install a WPForms Plugin

Step 1 Purchase and Install a WPForms Plugin

The Sendinblue addon is available in WPForms paid plugin. If you haven’t purchased it yet, make sure to go for any WPForms plan except basic. The Sendinblue addon is not available in the basic plan. If you already have a WPForms plugin installed on your WordPress website then you can skip this step.

Step 2: Install the WPForms Sendinblue Addon

Step 2 Install the WPForms Sendinblue Addon

After installing the plugin, navigate to WPForms > addons and search Sendinblue in the search box. When Sendinblue addon will appear make sure to install it before moving further.

Step 3: Add Sendinblue account in WPForms

WPForms and Sendinblue

After installing the Sendinblue addon, navigate to WPForms > Settings > Integrations. Here you will see all your activated WPForms addons. Next tap on the Sendinblue to expand it and then click on the add new account. Now to connect Sendinblue with WPForms, you have to insert a Sendinblue API key and user name. To locate your Sendinblue API key, follow the next step.

Step 4: Signup or Login to the Sendinblue account

Step 4 Signup or Login to the Sendinblue account

If you are a new user, make sure to register for a new Sendinblue account. Sendinblue has 3 premium plans, however, a free plan is also available. In the free plan, you get 300 emails per day.

Step 5: Locate Sendinblue API key

Step 5 Locate Sendinblue API key

After login into the Sendinblue, tap on my accounts from the top right and select SMTP & API option. From this page, you will get your Sendinblue API key. Copy it.

Step 6: Paste the Sendinblue API key to complete the connection

Step 6 Paste the Sendinblue API key to complete the connection

Now go back to the WordPress dashboard and navigate to WPForms > Settings > Integrations > Sendinblue and paste the API key along with the Sendinblue account username. Lastly, tap on the “connect to Sendinblue” button to complete the connection. If everything goes right, you will see the “Connected” status highlighted in the green button next to the Sendinblue integration.

So this is how you can connect WPForms and Sendinblue together with the help of the Sendinblue addon. Now it’s time to add Sendinblue to the form of your choice.

Step 7: Enable Sendinblue integration on Forms

Step 7 Enable Sendinblue integration on Forms

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to WPForms > Add new, if you want to create a new form or navigate to WPForms > All forms if you already have your forms created. Once you inside the form builder, navigate to the marketing tab and then select Sendinblue. Then tap on the “Add new connection” button. 

When you tap on it, the popup form will be opened asking you to provide a connection nickname. This is just like a label. Enter any nickname you want. For example “Newsletter Signup”.

Step 8: Select Sendinblue Account and define an Action to perform

Step 8 Select Sendinblue Account and define an Action to perform

After giving a nickname, select your Sendinblue account for which you have entered the API key earlier and from the “Action to perform” dropdown menu you need to define what will happen when users submit your form. Here you have 4 options: Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Delete and Track Event. For example, if you choose “subscribe”, then all users will be added to your Sendinblue email or contacts list.

Step 9: Configure Additional Sendinblue settings

As soon as you select an action, new configuration settings will be displayed:

Email: In the email field, you need to define the WPForms field where users will enter their email addresses before submitting the form.

New Email: Setting this field is only necessary when you want to update the existing contact in Sendinblue. So in our case, we will leave it blank.

List: This is the Sendinblue list where subscribers will be added to from WPForms. Make sure to have at least one list in your Sendinblue account before configuring this option.

Also if you want to map any form field to the different form fields in Sendinblue, you can do this by setting a custom field name.

When you done with the Configuration, make sure to save your form. 

That’s it. This way you can add Sendinblue integration to your WPForms.


  • WPForms Plugin
  • Sendinblue Account


  • WPForms Plugin
  • Sendinblue Account

Materials: Software


That’s it. I believe after reading this article you will surely install WPForms to replace your existing WordPress forms and enhance the power of the forms by taking the advantage of Sendinblue addon. Because you know what, 99% of users in the USA alone check their emails daily and email marketing is one of the top effective marketing strategies that give you maximum conversions. Growing an email list with your website WPForms and sending professionally designed emails to the consumers with Sendinblue is a worthy enough strategy to try.

I hope that this article, How to Connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress, helps you to integrate both tools together. If you like this article, then do a favor by sharing this article and follow BlogVwant on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter for more tips.

FAQ: WPForms and Sendinblue

Do I need to pay extra for the Sendinblue Addon available in WPForms?


Does Sendinblue have a free plan?


Does Sendinblue integrate with Non-WordPress websites?

Yes. Check their documentation available on the Sendinblue website.

How to test if WPForms and Sendinblue integration are working or not?

First, connect both tools with the steps mentioned in this article. Then fill up and submit the WPForm on which you integrate Sendinblue. Then check your Sendinblue email list. If you find the form entry you just submit, then it means the integration is configured and working properly.

How much WPForms plugin cost me?

WPForms has 4 plans started from $39.50. The Sendinblue addon is only available in Plus, Pro, and Elite plan.

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