50% (Special) OFF – Rocket.net Discount Coupon Code

Get our 50% special Rocket.net discount coupon code for the first 3 months (If you take monthly plan). You will get 2 months free + Extra 50% discount on the annual plan.

50% OFF – Rocket.net Discount Coupon Code

Use the Coupon Code: VWANT50 at the checkout to get the 50% discount on all Rocket.net Plans.

How to use the Rocket.net Discount Coupon Code?

Video Tutorial:

Why don’t you watch a quick video tutorial to see how to redeem the Rocket.net Discount Coupon Code? But no problem if you are in hurry, just skip the video and continue with the steps mentioned below.


This section will tell you how to redeem our special 50% Rocket.net Discount Coupon Code.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step1: Visit Rocket.net site and Select Product


You can just visit the Rocket.net official site. Select your required plan by going to the tabs on the top menu bar. When you want to buy the plans, then click on the pricing section. You will see all available free and premium plans. Select your required plan accordingly. Click on the ‘Pricing’ tab.

Step2: Select the required plan
Monthly plans:


Here you will see available Monthly options. Almost every plan has some standard options like Starter, Pro, Business & Agency. Choose the one that suits you.

Step3: Check Annual Plans

Here you will see available Annual options. Almost every plan has some standard options like Starter, Pro, Business & Agency. Choose the one that suits you.

Step4: Apply the coupon code


Click on the ‘Get Started’ button at your required license or at the plan you wish. You will see the option ‘Have a Coupon?’ field on the right side shows that in the above screenshot. Place our special coupon code: VWANT50 and click on the Apply button and enjoy the discount.

Rocket.net Details and Overview:

Rocket.net is a managed and well balanced hosting platform to make the websites more simple. It has some of the best advantages like built-in website security, boosting the speed, the control panel can be used easily with it.

Best Reasons to Choose Rocket.net:


Rocket.net is such a platform that can be used to make localize the website used by you to the closest to your visitors by optimizing.

Safe & Secure:

Some bundle of security features & tools available in this platform.


The website developed for your purpose will be infinitely scalable.
The single interface is built for all its users to make use of all sizes.

File Manager Security:

Rocket provides you the direct access to all your files that will help to make edits, which are both familiar and effortless.

Key Notes:

The best Mission Control and the panel always make it easier for anyone to develop, launch, stage and boost the performance of your Website.

Some important features:

  • Launch WordPress
  • Manage Users
  • One-Click Staging
  • Manage Files
  • Custom Domains
  • Backup & Restore
  • Usage Analytics
  • 2-3x Faster than Public Cloud
  • Global Footprint
  • Connected directly to Visitors
  • Multi-Terabit Network
  • Optimized Edge Servers
  • CDN Performance will be Enhanced
  • Automatic Backups
  • Free Migrations
  • Effortless Everything

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Rocket.net Discount Coupon code – Faqs

How many Rocket.net Discount Coupon codes available?


Will this offer a free trial?

We currently offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases by default. 

Will Rocket has both Monthly and Annual Plans?

Yes, it has both.

Rocket.net Review $30
rocket.net hosting

Product Name: Rocket.net

Product Description: Rocket.net is providing cheapest managed hosting services

Brand: Rocket.net

Offer price: $15

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

Offer URL: https://www.blogvwant.com/suggests/rocket/


Rocket.net is a Web Hosting company that offers the cheapest managed hosting services in the market.

  • Features
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Support
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  • Cheap and Affordable Hosting plans
  • Caching is inbuilt in Rocket.net web hosting
  • Inbuilt CDN
  • Supports Brotli Compression
  • Daily backups
  • 24*7 Customer support is available


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